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Types of Rolls we make | Tikkas and Takkos

Rolls have become a favorite culinary treat all over the world. Who doesn't love this item? These happy packages come in a variety of flavors on our diverse menu, involving Tex mex and Pakistani food.

Any event would be lacking without rolls. Whether it is for a corporate party or any wedding ceremony, our affordable catering service offers the best variety of rolls.

We know how to make your guests have fun at your party. Tikkas and Takkos make sure that everyone can enjoy the delightful experience of biting into a perfectly rolled creation. So let's explore our roll flavors!

Chicken Tikka Rolls

The classic chicken tikka roll is a culinary adventure in itself. The tender, boneless chicken is dipped in various marinades to give it a heavenly flavor. It is then cooked on a grill for a smoky barbecue touch.

This is considered the best BBQ in Texas because it has an extraordinary taste that takes you places you can only imagine. Later, it is enveloped with a paratha and veggies. It is served with sauces and chutneys to give you a splendid dining experience.

Unveiling our delightful selection of rolls. From the classic flavors of chicken tikka rolls to the richness of beef and paneer rolls, we promise a mouthwatering experience for everyone.

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Chicken Tikka Rolls

Malai Tikka Rolls: A Creamy Adventure

Malai tikka is made by enveloping the succulent, juicy chicken with velvety, thick cream. It is then grilled to perfection. It emits a smoky aroma that is perfectly paired with the richness of the marinade.

A soft paratha wraps these tikkas, and then sauces and fresh onions are poured over them to give them an appealing look. Every bite of malai tikka roll is a treat for your taste buds that will leave you asking for more.

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Malai Tikka Rolls

Beef Rolls for a Meaty Delight

For those who relish the rich and palatable qualities of meat, our beefy rolls are an absolute delight. They are seasoned perfectly with rich spices and condiments. Cooked, wrapped, and served with fresh vegetables to give the best chewy experience to every meat lover.

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Beef Roll

It has such an appealing deal that no one can refuse to have it. You cannot find this sort of flavorful blend at other food trucks in Houston. Try these either in the form of kababs or tikkas, but giving them a chance is a must! How else would you know what excellence tastes like?

Paneer Rolls for Cheese Lovers

Cheese lovers are in luck because we highly prioritize their tastes by adding a variety of cheese dishes to our menu. Cheese rolls are made with the best spices and sauces. It's up to you if you want to add chicken to it or have it with cheese and veggies only.

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Paneer Rolls

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The secret ingredient behind our tasteful rolls is our love and compassion for halal food lovers. I’m sure if you try any of these rolls, your appetite and taste buds will be satisfied at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Orderthe best Indian food in Houston and savor a delightful experience at an affordable price.