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We're not just redefining food truck catering – we're reinventing it with Tex-Mex flavor

Tikkas and Takkos is a food truck located in the heart of Texas. We bring an exceptional fusion of palate-blowing flavors to elevate your events. Whether it is corporate catering, small party catering, or wedding catering service, we have mastered it all!

We offer some of the most innovative Tex-Mex and traditional Indo-Pak cuisines you'll find anywhere. Our tacos food truck will serve you mouth-watering tacos, tasty burritos, succulent BBQ, Rolls, irresistible quesadillas, and whatnot. We strive to make your event extraordinary in every way possible.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us, and together, we can craft a memorable experience for your next event!

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7901 Main St, Houston Tx 77025

Explore the taste of temptation and indulge in our heavenly fusion cuisines. Our top-tier catering service sticks to the values of customer satisfaction and does everything in its power to achieve that. Once you have the experience of trying our food, you'll keep coming back for more!

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  • west university party event

    City of West University Catering   brown line

    The best food truck treat

    Our food truck enhanced catering at the City of West University Place. Guests enjoyed our delicious quesadillas and burritos, filled with fresh ingredients and flavors. We received praise for our affordable catering and quality service, our extensive menu blended Indo-Pak food and Tex-Mex flavors, pleasing both hearts and appetites.

  • wedding event

    Galveston Wedding Event   brown line

    A Memorable Ceremony

    At the lovely Galveston wedding, we had the honor of serving up around a hundred people an unforgettable feast. Our delicious tikkas and flavorful rice dishes combined Pakistani and Tex-Mex tastes in every bite. Dedicated to excellence, our team ensured a delightful dining experience. As the sun set, the aroma of Texas BBQ added to the magic, creating cherished memories of love and great food for our hosts.

  • truck service event

    Shell Freedom over Texas Event   brown line

    A special Independence day Feast

    On July 4th, our food truck was a hit at Houston's Independence Day event, drawing crowds with our aromatic Tex-Mex delights. The flavorful tacos and delightful fusion of cuisines left taste buds dancing with happiness. We're proud to have served event participants and proved to be a crowd favorite!

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