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Top Five Catering Trends of 2023

From inventive food presentations to fusion varieties, the catering industry constantly evolves to meet the changing tastes and preferences of customers. It is such a diverse field, and every year we see both a plethora of new trends and many old trends that have been updated.

Let's delve into the current trends for this year to see if Tikkas and Takkos go with them or not.

Customization of Catering Events

Since themed parties are so popular right now, all party planners prefer to customize their events to fit the theme. And it is a very effective approach for making your parties exciting and fun.

We have provided catering for many such events where it was necessary to adjust the setup, menu, and décor to fit the party's particular theme. It may seem foolish at first, but let me tell you, it is not strange at all! In fact, it gives life to your party. Your extraordinary and creative ideas would never be turned down by a top-tier catering service. We'd work with you to put your thoughts into action!

Sustainable Food Catering

With the growing awareness and inclination towards environmental protection, catering companies have switched to sustainable methods of food production, and why shouldn't they? It’s more beneficial and cost-friendly.

It has a number of significant aspects that many used to ignore but now seriously take into account when planning events. For instance, using locally sourced food ingredients was not a thing before but now people know its importance, i.e.,

  • It supports and builds trust in local farmers
  • Saves transportation costs
  • Guarantees that the food is prepared from fresh and high-quality products.
Additionally, it is taken seriously to properly dispose of waste after an event, so equipment that is both environmentally sustainable and simple to discard is used. All these crucial matters are expertly handled by full-service catering. Everything is done in a seamless, eco-friendly manner, from setting up to cleaning the venue.

Fusion Foods are in!

Parties are a way of bringing different individuals together, and the food there should reflect that too. As people's tastes have become more varied and outdoorsy, local cuisine has become boring and outdated. They want to explore more culinary options to satisfy their palates.

The most popular food fusions in the United States during the past months of 2023 have been Tex-Mex and Indo-Pak cuisines. Korean and Chinese fusions are also in high demand. Typically, caterers decide on a particular food fusion and brand it. In our case, we are renowned in Houston for our best Indian food with a dash of Pakistani flavor and Tex-Mex fusions.

Alcohol Free Beverages

The best way to enjoy a party is by staying in your senses and having fun without getting heavily intoxicated. There are many health problems that are related to alcohol consumption, so our hosts are becoming more health conscious and looking for a safer option for their guests. Alcohol free beverages have emerged as a new trend in the catering industry.

A halal catering company ensures that your event is completely alcohol free and that guests enjoy a lively party. There are a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks that are equally refreshing and enjoyable. From jarritos to lemonades and fruity punches, guests can enjoy flavorful beverages without getting drunk.

So far, it has been the best catering trend for health conscious as well as religious people.

Dietary limitations are now taken care of

This trend took off when people started becoming aware of what veganism and vegetarianism are. It goes without saying that not everyone at your wedding or business event enjoys eating meat. Every event now requires dietary-restricted food options because vegetarians and people with food allergies are not fictional and actually exist.

In order to ensure that guests will enjoy themselves and be satisfied, it is important to accommodate their varied dietary requirements. In addition to catering to individual preferences, providing a variety of plant-based and allergen-free options encourages inclusivity and a satisfying dining experience for all guests. Fortunately, the best food truck in Dallas is aware of your needs and provides the best vegetarian and gluten free food for any event.


As you can see, Tikkas and Takkos fit in with all of these trends, and they even take pleasure in keeping up with emerging trends. So hit us up whenever you're in the mood to host a killer party!