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Four Benefits of On-Site Catering You Need to Know

As someone who hosts parties and gatherings often, you must know the importance of sizzling, fresh food. Let's see it from a guest's point of view. Have you ever been to a party and kept waiting excitedly for the food? But when it is served, it is some soggy, stone cold dish with a weird taste. Definitely, you would hate such a party and wish to go back home soon.

Most of the time, such food is the result of hiring an off-site catering service. This is where on-site catering services like Tikkas and Takkos come into play. The best thing you can do for an event as its planner is to order an on-site catering service. If you are someone who has never hired on-site catering, let me tell you that it works wonders for your events.

Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a social gathering, the benefits of on-site catering are sure to take your event to new heights

Off-site vs On-site: The basic difference

Off-site catering is the provision of food and services at a location other than the caterer's premises, usually at an outside venue. The food is stored in hot boxes and transported to the venue.

On-site catering, on the other hand, refers to preparing, cooking, and serving food at the event site, providing ease, customization of the menu, and the opportunity to accommodate special event requirements. It comes with a mobile kitchen at the venue.

So, now that the difference is clear, we move on to our main discussion. Why does it matter if the food is prepared on the venue or off the venue? How is on-site catering a better choice? Does it make any difference? v The answer to all your curiosities lies ahead, so keep reading to find out why and how.

Have mercy on your food and guests

When an event is catered by an off site catering company, it's obvious that the staff will have to prepare the food in their kitchen prior to the event, and then it'll be packaged for delivery to the venue. Once at the venue, the food will be unwrapped to heat it once again and then served to the guests.

Your food will almost certainly get jostled along the way, change temperatures multiple times between the time it leaves the kitchen and the time it arrives at your location, and eventually make its way to the plate. Does the food deserve that kind of fate, or do your precious, lovely guests deserve to eat that food? Certainly not.

Isn't it better that a chef and his team come to your venue with fresh ingredients and prepare the food minutes before the event starts? It'll go straight from the stove to the plates of the guests. Your guests will certainly love and remember that perfectly warm and fresh food.

Budget Considerations

Hiring an affordable catering service that caters the event on site is the only smart choice in this age. Off-site catering means you will be charged for extra staff to make event arrangements and serve food. But this kind of budget unfriendly attitude won't be a headache if you hire an on-site full service catering.

The staff is already at the venue to take care of other arrangements as well as serving food. So, such affordable catering should be your priority to meet the budget limitations of your event.

The era of food representation

In this decade, food representation has been the biggest trend in the food industry. Everybody clicks pictures of food and posts them online. The aesthetic representation of food makes a big difference at any event. People will always remember how good-looking the food was at your party.

Off-site catering cannot help you achieve this. The food is cooked and packed to be transported to the venue; the food has already gone through several jumps and road hurdles on its way to the location. Its appearance has suffered badly during that ride.

Meanwhile, on-site caterers will serve freshly prepared food in the most desirable way to your guests. It will surely conquer their hearts with its appealing look! are already known to have the best Indian food in Houston, and our good food representation works wonders for any event! They will also make sure that the food stations and arrangements match the event’s theme.

Flexibility in service

As an experienced on-site catering service, we can assure you that last minute crises are a must for any event. We have seen the hosts stressing about how the guests have exceeded the actual estimated number, how they are short of food, etc., and the list goes on.

What we need you to know is that we are always prepared for such happenings. The whole point of hiring on-site catering is to relieve the host’s stress by being there for them. Once you know that your event is in a professional team’s hands, you can easily enjoy your party without worrying.

From setting up the food stations to serving the guests, everything will be perfectly done by our full service catering. A credible catering service will take care of any unpleasant occurrences at the event efficiently. So, you can have a stress-free experience!

Ending with a reminder

I hope this blog has cleared all your curiosities and queries regarding on-site catering. A professional and affordable catering service like Tikkas and Takkos will certainly make your event unforgettable! We are known to be one of the best food trucks in Houston, as it comes with a fully set up kitchen, from several grills to stoves and ovens. So, for your next party, remember to make the right choice by ordering our service!