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Tantalize Your Taste Buds On This National Taco Day

Taco is a food that has its own day every week with the name Taco Tuesday. It is the universal and culinary language of love that transcends borders. The most popular food all around the globe, especially in the United States, tacos sure have won everyone's hearts with their tantalizing taste. This food is considered the Mexican equivalent of sandwiches but tastes much better than that.

Let's talk about tacos and see what makes them so special to have their own national day every year.

History of Tacos

Tacos have no specific history but it is 100 percent sure that they originated on the streets of Mexico. The food is known to have been sold out of carts by the Mexican immigrants who moved to the United States in the 1880s. And the Americans devoured these tortilla wraps with great pleasure. With the passage of time, these tacos evolved and became more and more American-oriented, with ingredients like chicken, cheese, pork and beef. The love for tacos grew over the decades and it is now a national food, ranking number five as the most popular food in America after pizza, wings, burgers and steak.

National Taco Day

While you may find thousands of people celebrating this exquisite food every week, tacos have their own national day that comes once a year. In the 1960s, the national taco council was formed to celebrate and promote Mexican food restaurants. Taco was considered to be the symbol of Mexican pride. Eventually, it came to celebrating a taco week and taco month every year until 2009, when October 4th was declared the one and only Taco Day nationally. It cleared all the confusion of multiple days and weeks of celebrations and focused on one single day as the big occasion to admire tacos.

Cherished Qualities of tacos

Tacos have earned their popularity for many reasons and some of them are irresistible. Here are a few qualities of tacos that make them special:

1. Versatility

We are talking about the chameleons of the food world. Tacos are made for every person in the world and it's not even a brag. They are such rich and diverse food creations that even the most discerning palate can't help but like them. Chicken taco, fish taco, beef taco, vegetable taco, cheese taco, and whatnot. Visit any taco food truck around you and you will find yourself gaping at the long list of taco options in front of you. So yes, tacos are versatile and that's what makes them so popular among people. The wider the variety, the more people will try it.

2. Authentic Street Food

Street food can never vanish from the scene of the food industry. No matter how advanced people become in their lifestyle, street food has its own way of tempting them. Tacos are originally known to have been started by street carts. That's how they gained the recognition and appreciation of food lovers. Therefore, you can say that they represent the true essence of street food. They have a simple yet mouthwatering combination of flavors that can be prepared easily while you wait at the booth or the window of a food truck serving tacos. And they are extra crunchy, so enjoy a crispy twist. These are all the qualities of good street food. Tacos fulfill all the standards of street food and, hence, give it its authentic pleasure.

3. Easy-to-make

Besides their rich taste and savory aroma, they are also very easy to make. Anyone can make a taco from scratch if they have a tortilla lying around in their refrigerator. It is the easiest and fastest snack to grab when you're on your way to work or getting late for a class. As long as it has a healthy list of ingredients added to it, a taco can be used as a breakfast as well. So, what do you think? Isn't it an easy and simple snack to have?

Celebrate National Taco Day with us

Now that you know so much about your favorite food, you can feel more passionate about celebrating National Taco Day. You can hit the streets in search of the best tacos in Houston or you can throw a big taco party for your friends. Taco party ideas are more than welcome at our catering service, as we love to assemble a taco bar with all your favorite fillings, toppings and salsas at the party. Crafting a taco-themed menu is not a big deal for us. You just have to come to us with your amazing ideas and we can help you celebrate Taco Day with zero problems.

Taco varieties that we offer

As mentioned above, tacos are the easiest thing to make. And we, as the best food trucks in Texas, make sure to serve quality tacos with refreshing sauces to satisfy your taste buds.

Chicken tacos:

Chicken tacos are made with a flour tortilla that is warmed mildly. Then the grilled chicken is added to it, along with fresh vegetables and sauces.

Beef tacos:

In beef tacos, juicy, seasoned beef that is perfectly grilled is filled in the warm tortillas and topped with veggies.

Paneer tacos:

We don't neglect our cheese-loving friends when it comes to tacos. The tortillas are filled with paneer cheese and sautéed to perfection before being served with a burst of refreshing flavors.

These are just a few types; we serve birria tacos, kabab tacos, vegetarian tacos and a lot more. We bring the best tacos to your doorstep.

The Takeaway

As National Taco Day approaches, we invite you to experience the incredible world of tacos with us. Let’s make this national holiday memorable for you and your friends with our scrumptious food and professional service. As a top-tier catering service, we are committed to delivering the finest food in town. So remember us on this special day to savor every moment and every bite!